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Feature Store


What are Features?

Features are simply the data that will be used by the models. For example, that data could be a row of an excel sheet or the pixels in a picture.

What is feature engineering?

Transforming the source data into features for the ML pipeline to be able to use the features.

What is feature Store?

The Feature Store is where the features are stored and organized for the explicit purpose of being used to either train models (by Data Scientists) or make predictions (by applications that have a trained model). It is a central location where you can either create or update groups of features created from multiple different data sources, or create and update new datasets from those feature groups for training models or for use in applications that do not want to compute the features but just retrieve them when it needs them to make predictions.

The Feature Store is a data platform that connects different ML pipelines (feature, training, and inference pipelines).

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