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Well Architected

The Well-Architected Framework is based on six pillars:

  • Operational excellence: It is the ability to run and monitor systems to deliver business value and to continually improve supporting processes and procedures.
  • Security: It is the ability to protect information, systems, and assets while delivering business value through risk assessments and mitigation strategies.
  • Reliability:
  • Performance efficiency: It is the ability to use computing resources efficiently to meet system requirements and to maintain that efficiency as demand changes and technologies evolve.
  • Cost optimization: It is the ability to run systems to deliver business value at the lowest price point.
  • Sustainability: Sustainability is the ability to continually improve sustainability impacts by reducing energy consumption and increasing efficiency across all components of a workload by maximizing the benefits from the provisioned resources and minimizing the total resources required.

Generic patterns

Generic SPA example

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