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Security Group

Difference from an ACL as its also an virtual Firewall

A security group is a virtual firewall that controls inbound and outbound traffic for an Amazon EC2 instance.

  • By default, a security group denies all inbound traffic and allows all outbound traffic. You can add custom rules to configure which traffic should be allowed; any other traffic would then be denied
  • There are slight differences between a normal 'new' Security Group and a 'default' security group in the default VPC. For a 'new' security group nothing is allowed in by default.
  • Security groups evaluate all the rules on the group before deciding how to handle the traffic.
  • Security groups only provide for allow rules.
  • Security groups operate at the instance level.

Stateful packet filtering

Security groups perform stateful packet filtering. They remember previous decisions made for incoming packets.

Consider the same example of sending a request out from an Amazon EC2 instance to the internet.

When a packet response for that request returns to the instance, the security group remembers your previous request. The security group allows the response to proceed, regardless of inbound security group rules.

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