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Installing MySQL

brew install mysql

Now, you have installed your MySQL database without a root password. To secure it run the following


Connecting to MySQL

Enter the below command

mysql -u root

Use brew to manage MySQL using following commands

brew services start mysql   # This will register to run it at bot
brew services run           # Run the service formula without registering to launch at login
brew services stop          # Stop service immediately and unregister it

To run as background process, by default run the following

mysql.server start  # start MySQL
mysql.server status # check status
mysql.server stop   # stop the server

To reset the password for MySQL you first must create a new file with the following contents


Now, login using the password by using the below command

mysql -u root -p

Forgot MySQL password?

perform the following steps

  1. Stop the server
  2. Start server using sudo mysqld_safe -skip-grant-tables -skip-netwroking &
  3. Connect to server using root as mysql -u root. Now, run the following commands in terminal
    use mysql;
    ​update user set authentication_string=password('NEWPASSWORD') where user='root';
    ​flush privileges;
  4. Login to MySQL server again and enter the new password.

change database using

show databases;
use yourDatabaseName; # replace yourDatabaseName with your database name
show tables; 

Downloading using GUI (preferred option)

Go to and download MySQL for your OS.

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