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Front Door

While both Front Door and Application Gateway are layer 7 (HTTP/HTTPS) load balancers, the primary difference is that Front Door is a non-regional service whereas Application Gateway is a regional service.

The following are the features offered by Azure Front Door: - Enhanced performance: Users will be connected to the nearest point of presence (POP) using the split TCP anycast protocol. - Heath probes: Using smart health probes in Azure Front Door you can monitor the latency and availability of the web application. Also, instance failover to another region can be triggered if the backend is found unhealthy. - URL based routing: You can route based on the path in the URL. - Multiple-site routing: This helps in hosting multiple sites behind the same Front Door. - Session affinity: You can route the users to the same backend targets using the cookie-based session affinity feature. - TLS termination: It supports TLS termination so that you can reduce the load on the backend servers.

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