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Databricks Architecture

Databricks operates out of a control plane and a compute plane.

  1. The control plane includes the backend services that Databricks manages in your Databricks account. Notebook commands and many other workspace configurations are stored in the control plane and encrypted at rest.

  2. The compute plane is where your data is processed.

    • For most Databricks computation, the compute resources are in your AWS account in what is called the classic compute plane. This refers to the network in your AWS account and its resources. Databricks uses the classic compute plane for your notebooks, jobs, and for pro and classic Databricks SQL warehouses.

    • For serverless SQL warehouses or Model Serving, the serverless compute resources run in a serverless compute plane in your Databricks account.


Previously, Databricks referred to the compute plane as the data plane

Serverless Architecture

Azure Databricks creates a serverless compute plane in the same Azure region as your workspace’s classic compute plane.

Arch for model serving is shown below

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