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A fundamental part of Data Lake Storage Gen2 is the addition of a hierarchical namespace to Blob storage. The hierarchical namespace organizes objects/files into a hierarchy of directories for efficient data access. A common object store naming convention uses slashes in the name to mimic a hierarchical directory structure. This structure becomes real with Data Lake Storage Gen2.

Key features

  • Can be used with Hadoop, Spark, Databricks
  • Allow us to use POSIX and ACL permissions

Data Lake Storage Gen2 is very cost effective because it's built on top of the low-cost Azure Blob Storage. The extra features further lower the total cost of ownership for running big data analytics on Azure.

Lifecycle policy

Lifecycle management offers a rich, rule-based policy for general purpose v2 and blob storage accounts. Use the policy to transition your data to the appropriate access tiers or expire at the end of the data's lifecycle.

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